We work best with individuals in a variety of complex financial situations, including:

  • Individuals and couples approaching retirement
  • Financially independent individuals
  • Successful small business owners

But we won’t work with just anyone who falls into these categories. We want to work with people whose needs match the services we offer. Our ideal clients are:

  • People who are looking for something beyond investment guidance. We offer much more than an asset allocation scheme suitable to your risk tolerance level.
  • People who are looking for and require total wealth management. Our clients look to us for guidance regarding taxation and for help with estate planning, insurance products, and retirement planning.
  • People who are willing to consider multiple product lines. Our best clients are those who are open-minded. It is not uncommon for them to come to us for investment guidance, only to realize that they would benefit more from an insurance product suitable for transferring risk.
  • People who can see beyond the present. Clients who are looking ahead can benefit most from our range of services. These clients ask for our help, for example, with college planning, business succession planning, transferring wealth with the least amount of taxes, or writing a health care proxy.
  • People who need to work with a network of financial professionals. Our clients trust us to assemble a winning team—estate planning attorneys, accountants, taxation specialists, and business consultants—to pursue long-term financial goals.
  • People who are looking for a trusted relationship with a financial professional. Our clients have sought out a trusted professional to help them pursue financial goals. We can help you address most of your wealth management concerns.
  • People who are not afraid to ask what they believe to be "foolish questions." The cliché that there is no such thing as a dumb question is especially true in the world of financial planning. We strive to educate clients about our process and about the products we select, and we will always answer any questions.
  • People who believe that their financial affairs can always get better and who trust us to help them pursue their goals. Our best clients are intelligent optimists who constantly inspire us to do the best job that we can.
  • People who are eager to introduce our practice to others. Our relationship with clients gives them confidence about their current and future financial situation, so they are eager to refer our practice to individuals they care about.

If the criteria outlined above describes you or someone you know, we’d like to discuss how we can begin to build a relathionship to help meet your financial objectives. Please give us a call!